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special props


profundis bust

Silicone and resin bust as concept design and display -“Rebel soldier”
Concept & Design by Richard Raaphorst



Rooster “puppet” made for an internal company-commercial . the whole thing was made in one day and a half.


brimstone (2015/2016) props

Unreal FX was asked to create a lot of

different effects for this big* dutch feature film. including several dummies (full-size bodies, a baby and unborn lamb) A fake bridle, intestines, blood- and makeup effects and many other things

I worked for unreal on many of these elements, mostly on the moulds.

*for Dutch terms


hansel & gretel

national opera & ballet netherlands

Foam-Latex appliances for “Hansel und Gretel” for the National Opera & Ballet

(The Netherlands).
For four characters foam-latex appliances were created to make them resemble clay-dolls made by children.


shrinque bust

This is my graduation project from the University of Arts in the Netherlands

(aka; HKU),

Inspired to represent a mixture of my personal fears in life-form.
This is the first life/full-size bust I created and completed by myself.

(casted in different resins, tongue in silicone)


zer0 vs kami - masks 

Graduation project for a class-mate who was writing and directing his own movie. He asked me to design and make two masks for the characters he created (anime inspired).

more coming soon

tiny gnome bust

This was my first ever sculpt project that i decided to mould, cast, paint and finish. including hair punching and making the eyes.

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