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Three different life action commercials

were shot for the game ‘Shadow of War’ and I was asked by UNREAL FX to come work in the workshop and work with them on set.

This massive production containing six different (main) Orc makeups, a lot of mix-n-match orcs and background masks.
I was part of the lifecasting team, moulding & foam latex team and the set crew on all three of the shoots

(shot in Ukraine, Portugal & Hungary) over the timespan of almost a year.

Contribution for UNREAL;

  • Working on all the moulds

  • Casting latex ears & fingertips

  • Running foam-latex for appliances

    and background masks

  • worked on dentures (both silicone

    & acrylic) 

  • Pre-Painting some of the

    appliances and background masks

  • Special makeup artist on set for all 3 shoots

Shadow of war - commercials

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